Autumn Leaves in Amsterdam (photo/video)

“Concert in Eurovision” took place at the Dutch capital city yesterday evening, proving once again that it should be considered as the biggest Eurovision promotion event of the year.

Daniel Kajmakoski Official Web Page was among the 24 participants who performed live their entry. He says:”I felt the taste of Eurovision thrill in Amsterdam! The feeling is great when you get to perform in front of fans who sing your song with you from the first to the last word!
After alI interviews, rehearsals and a concert in one day, I got an impression of what’s going to be like at Eurovision Song Contest.”

Before the big concert, the 24 delegations were welcomed to Amsterdam by the Dutch commentator, Cornald Mass and international press had an opportunity to meet and interview all the participants.
There was a huge interest in the Macedonian entry. At the concert, Daniel was more than happy that the audience at the Melkweg awarded his performance with ovations. He met all the other ESC participants as well as Eurovision winner Getty Kaspers, singer of Teach In.
The event was hosted by Edsilia Rombley (represented the Netherlands in 1998 and 2007) and Cornald Maas. In addition to the 24 acts, the winners of 1985 Eurovion Song Contest, “Bobbysocks” performed as special guests.
The Macedonian Eurovision representative, Daniel Kajmakoski continues his promo tour. Next stop is Cologne !